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Round Four - Final Challenge

And here we are: the end of Round Four! We have our final 3 participants and here is our final challenge.

Part A: Re-do
For this part, I want you to pick one icon from one of the past 10 challenges and re-make it. Take that same screencap you originally used (whether it was a theme or picture challenge, it must be the original screencap) and make a whole new icon from it. Enter your new icon, along with the icon you chose.

I've seen this done in others' LIMS, so I hope y'all are game for it :D

And for your benefit, the challenge posts: Challenge One, Challenge Two, Challenge Three, Challenge Four, Challenge Five, Challenge Six, Challenge Seven, Challenge Eight, Challenge Nine, Challenge Ten

Part B: Picture Challenge

Part C: Free Choice - Black and White
Just what the title says, heh, any choice of a Martha Jones or Freema Agyeman screencap/picture and make your icon. But it must be black and white! No color whatsoever.

General Rules:
• You must be either aberrantcliche, onlyechoes, or thedreamygirl.
• You may not post your icon ANYWHERE until the results of the challenge are up. If I see that you have, you will be disqualified. It also must be new and shiny, and made by you.
• LiveJournal standards. 100×100, PNG/JPG/GIF, 40 KB or less.
• You are free to use any textures, brushes, text, stock, etc.
• Cap provided by In A Dream screencaps.
• Please reply with your icons and URL to this post.
• Keep in mind that you should be entering 4 icons: the original and new icon for part A, and the individual icons for parts B and C.
• If you have a question? ASK! Please, ask away, you guys :)

• Your icons are due next Wednesday, October 22nd at 11:00 P.M. (EST). If any sort of extension is needed, please let me know ASAP.

Good luck and I can't wait to see your entries!

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