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Round Four - Challenge Ten - Results

Tough one you guys, such pretty and wonderful entries! But we're now down to our top 3!

I'm sorry to say goodbye, but the round is nearly over(!), so we hope to see you back!

Photobucket by sketty24 with -3

People's Choice:
Photobucket by thedreamygirl with +3

Mod's Choice:
Photobucket by sketty24
I really love the screencap choice along with those lyrics. I think it just fits to well and it's a very pretty, simple icon :)

I'm glad you guys were game for this challenge! I've loved this song for a while and always felt it fit Martha quite well and you all did so wonderfully fitting in the lyrics :D

It's been a long weekend, so leave a comment with your icon number and I'll give you your comments, thanks :D

The final challenge should be up sometime within the next 24 hours!

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