megan lynn (meganlynn09) wrote in martha_lims,
megan lynn

Round Four - Challenge Nine - Results

This round is winding down, it's getting hard! Thanks for the votes you guys :D

I'm sorry we have to say goodbye to another wonderful participant. Hope to see you back in the next round :D

Photobucket by xo_prettywords with -6

People's Choice:
Photobucket by aberrantcliche with +3

Mod's Choice:
Photobucket by thedreamygirl
I like the crop and the coloring is nice and different and I really love this cap so I'm glad it was used :)

It's been a long week, you guys, so leave a comment with your icon number and I'll give you your comments, thanks :D

Next challenge will be up very soon.

Tags: challenge nine, results, round four

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