Sin (sinfuldeception) wrote in martha_lims,

annddd... the last icon maker standing iss....

Sorry about the wait, you guys. I was out of town last week and ran out of time before I left to post. This has been an amazing round, there were so many great makers and everything was great. Thank you all for that.

Last Icon Maker Standing ; diablo_dancer

Runner Up ; catharsis_o_s

Third Place ; thedreamygirl

Voting Breakdown :

part a:
1. +8
2. +1
3. +2

part b:
1. +8
2. +1
3. +2

part c:
1. +2
2. +1
3. +8

Congratulations, dears! Please make sure I got all your icons, and that the icons under your names are in fact yours, so that when I make the banners I don't get all your icons mixed up. ^^; There are comments, so let me know if you want those.

Also, the sign ups for the next round are up here. Go and sign up, please! We need all the participants we can get. =]

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