August 28th, 2008


Round Four - Comeback/Jump-In Challenge

I liked when sinfuldeception did this in the last round, so I thought we'd run it again! Give some participants back in and extend this challenge a little :D

This will run for a week and then we'll be back to regular challenges (I won't be running a regular challenge along with this, so you get a week off if you're still in the round)

• This is ONLY for people who have been eliminated, disqualified, or have dropped out at any point in time in the first five challenges. Or if you haven't signed up at all!.
• You are NOT required to join in if you have been eliminated, this is only if you want to participate again. ^^;
• Voting will be different this time. You'll be voting for your favorites (3 of them specifically), and there will be no constructive critisim.
• If we get fewer than 3 people to enter, those 3 will automatically rejoin the contest. If we get 4 or more, we'll vote. ;P
• You'll get 1 skip when you reenter the contest. No more, no less.
• Everything but Animation is allowed. Stock images will work as long as the images are not of people.
• You may only enter ONE icon
• LiveJournal standard. 100×100, PNG/JPG/GIF, 40 KB or less.
• You may not post your icon ANYWHERE until the results of the challenge are up. And they must be made specifically for this challenge. No using old icons. ^^;
• If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask. I live to serve.
• Please reply with your icon and URL to this post.
• I'm requesting that no one use LJ pics to host their icons. Try and use PB or Imageshack if you can. It makes it easier to ensure that no one sees the icon.

Theme: Black and White and Color
Sorry if that sounds contradicting! This is for black and white icons, you can use any image of Martha Jones you wish, but there must be a splash of color somewhere. Whether it be colored text or Martha's shirt is still colored.

If this isn't clear, please let me know :D I'd gladly expand on this.

Challenge closes Tuesday, September 2nd, 11:00 P.M. (EST).