July 2nd, 2008


Round Four - Sign Ups!

Sign Ups are now Open. YAY!

Hey you guys, it's meganlynn09 here with your sign-up post. The results of the last round will be up soon. :D

  1. You need to join the community, and sign up. I also suggest that you either watch it or track it. Remember, it is your responsibility to get your icon in on time.
  2. There will be a challenge every week. You must participate in every challenge. If you are not able to participate, then you will need to use a skip. You recieve one skip when you sign up, but you have a chance to get an extra if you advertise here. The only time you are not allowed to use a skip is during the first challenge or when we reach the final three.
  3. No sharing of your icon prior to voting results being posted.This includes userpics. If I see you've shared your icon before results are posted, you will be disqualified. You may tell friends to vote. You may not tell them which icons to vote for.
  4. When signing up, be sure to say "Never just a passenger."
  5. Your icons must be LiveJournal standard. 100×100, PNG/JPG/GIF, 40 KB or less.
  6. Challenges and voting results will be posted late Tuesday or Wednesday. Voting will be posted late Monday. Rarely will exceptions be made.
  7. Voting is dynamic. It will often involve voting for three lesser icons and a better icon, but there are often changes to that pattern.
  8. Each challenge consists of an episode, theme or images that you need to put into an icon.
  9. If you ever have any type of question, all you have to do is ask.

Sign ups will be open until voting goes up for the first challenge, so sign up now, please! :D

Hoping for at least 15 participants, but more would be wonderful!

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Skip Post

Every participant receives a skip/bye upon entering, but this is a chance to earn an extra one. To receive the extra skip, you must:

Promote this community somewhere on Livejournal, then you comment here with a link to the post (or a screenshot if the post is locked). You have until voting for the first challenge goes up!

You can only earn one extra skip. If a challenge comes up where you can't enter but you've run out of skips, please just let me know (preferably in advance).

Wanted to add that if you would like to, you can promote this comm with this:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
[p] watching you watch me

annddd... the last icon maker standing iss....

Sorry about the wait, you guys. I was out of town last week and ran out of time before I left to post. This has been an amazing round, there were so many great makers and everything was great. Thank you all for that.

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Congratulations, dears! Please make sure I got all your icons, and that the icons under your names are in fact yours, so that when I make the banners I don't get all your icons mixed up. ^^; There are comments, so let me know if you want those.

Also, the sign ups for the next round are up here. Go and sign up, please! We need all the participants we can get. =]